Office of Diversity and Inclusion Student Services
Student Organizations

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion Student Services and Corporate and Community Outreach (OD&ISS&C&CO) oversees fifteen diverse student organizations and maintains an active role in organizing and sponsoring programs and activities aimed at enhancing the experiences of the student members in the various organizations. These organizations are designed to give attention to the particular interests, concerns, and challenges of minority students interested in business careers. Minority business student organizations provide culturally and socially significant vehicles for the establishment of mentorship, career placement, and networking opportunities with local businesses, corporations, and over 46,000 College of Business alumni located nationally and internationally.

OD&ISS&C&CO embrace diversity and seek to promote opportunities for excellence to be achieved by all. Listed are the students organizations and opportunities that are sponsored by OD&ISS&C&CO.

Ascend Pan-Asian Leaders Association (APALA)
Ascend Pan-Asian Leaders Convention


Students from Ascend Pan-Asian Leaders Association (APALA) attend the Ascend Pan-Asian Leaders Convention. The Ascend National Convention is the largest gathering of Pan-Asian business leaders and professionals in North America with over 3,000 registered participants. Top industry leaders, senior executives and professionals, along with MBAs and undergraduate students representing over 320 corporations and universities participate in three days of leadership and professional development and networking.

Asian Business Student Association (ABSA)
Asia Business Conference (ABC)

ABSA Photo 2

Students from Asian Business Student Association (ABSA) attend the Asia Business Conference in Boston. The Asia Business Conference (ABC) is an annual gathering jointly organized by student organizations of the Harvard Business School, the Harvard Law School, and the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. It is the largest Asia-focused business conference in North America. The conference aims to foster meaningful discussion on policies and trends that dominate the business and legal institutions of modern Asia. To this end, the conference organizes a series of keynote speaker sessions, plenary sessions, topical panels, and social events featuring distinguished leaders from industry, government, and academia who have intimate experience with Asia.

student testimonies

"The Asian Business Student Association (ABSA) recently attended the Annual Harvard Business Conference over spring break. As this was my first business conference and having no prior knowledge of what to expect, it was a very nervous trip to Boston. Once I arrived to the conference though and viewed the guest speaker list with the various types of seminars revolving around Asia that we would be viewing, it became a very exciting and surreal moment. I loved the sessions provided to us; we were offered choices such as discussions involving healthcare, innovation and design, e-commerce within Asia etc. All panels were very fascinating to learn from and it was insightful to get the opinions of successful business professionals who work in the Asian foreign affairs department of their respective firms. This conference truly opened my eyes to subjects that are not always discussed in the classroom and allowed me to see what China and other countries have to offer future business leaders. I am so thankful to Fisher’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion and ABSA for the great opportunity, and I look forward to attending the Harvard Business Conference again!" Michelle Kong

"It’s been a week since we went back; I still can’t believe how fast this trip has flown by and how much I enjoyed. We flew out to Boston with a group of 7 on the first day of spring break to attend the Asian Business Conference at Harvard, MA. This year’s conference theme is “Moving Up the value Chain”. We got the chance to listen to presentations from a diverse series like investing, E-commerce, Healthcare, Innovation, etc. We went between one auditorium and other meeting rooms back and forth to hear excellent keynotes address from speakers. Some of the perspectives they present really refreshed my mind. One panel talking about recreating Silicon Valley in Asia impressed me; the speakers discussed how Asia climbed out of shadow to moved up the value chain significantly over the past two decades, and start its own entrepreneurial hub. Like all of the other students at the table, I listened carefully as they talking about Asian economy and business opportunity. Besides the conference, we are also being able to enjoy our food tour through some restaurants at Boston city. I was lucky enough to have this opportunity visiting Harvard and making many new friends." Vivian Yu


Black MBA Association (BMBAA)
National Black MBA Association Conference (NBMBAA)


Students from the Black MBA Association attend the National Black MBA Association Conference (NBMBAA). The National Black MBA Association Annual Conference and Exposition is one of the largest professional development and job recruitment events in the nation. This successful affair attracts more than 9,000 business-minded attendees who are fascinated to know about topics including career, education, entrepreneurship, lifestyle and leadership. Each year, nearly 300 corporations, government entities, non-profits, and small businesses choose to seek top talent and interview candidates for open positions during our exposition.

student testimonies

"Attending the 2015 NBMBAA Conference in Orlando was amazing. I was able to interact with companies that typically don't recruit at OSU and really had an opportunity to display what a Fisher MBA has to offer. Because of the conference, I nabbed an amazing internship offer with Ford that I'm super stoked about this summer." Dadrien Barnes

"The NBMBAA Conference in Atlanta, GA was a great experience. I had the opportunity to compete in the Chrysler case competition as a first year MBA student which helped to develop my presentation skills and learn effective case analysis techniques. Prior to the conference, I had the opportunity to work with the Fisher case team and faculty team advisor in studying the case and practicing our presentation. During the conference, we presented our case analysis and competed against schools around the country. Additionally, I had the opportunity to speak to companies across various industries and interview. I definitely plan to attend the event next year to build networks and assist in my professional pursuit. A special thank you to the Office of Diversity and Inclusion Student Services for providing this invaluable opportunity." Jennifer Parker


Chinese Business Professional Association (CBPA)National Asian American MBA Conference (NAAMBA)



Students from the Chinese Business Professional Association (CBPA) attend the annual National Asian American MBA Conference. The Annual NAAMBA Leadership Conference & Exposition is the largest gathering of Pan-Asian professionals and leaders in the U.S.A. It provides a unique opportunity for attendees to connect with present and emerging Asian American leaders, MBAs, top executives, industry experts, recruiters and prominent community figures as well as engage in powerful professional development and leadership seminars, expert panel discussions and networking sessions.

student testimonies

"Asian MBA is a great chance to explore the working opportunities not only in US but also in Asian area. The speak sessions on Friday exposed the candidates to recruiters from various industries, which made the trip much more meaningful than a pure job fair. Staying in the same hotel where the career fair held enabled us to stay later and talked with the key persons from companies." Yan Yan

"My Asian MBA conference started from the networking breakfast. During that breakfast, I met several Wells Forgo recruiters and a portfolio manager from my hometown, Taiwan. We had a long talk about each other’s background and some baseball stuffs. This topic successfully shorted the distance between us. Then, I attended several keynote speeches and tried my best to talk with speakers from IBM, Eli Lilly, and A.T Kearney. All of them provided me some advice on career path, the importance of finding a mentor, and how to stand yourself out if you only have the working experience on some small and local companies." Yi-tsung Lee



Council of Black Student in Administration (CBSA)
NBMBAA Collegiate Chapter
National Black MBA Association Conference (NBMBAA)

CBSA Photo 3

Students from the Council of Black Student in Administration (CBSA) is a collegiate chapter of the National Black MBA Association Conference (NBMBAA) and attends the NBMBAA conference. The National Black MBA Association Annual Conference and Exposition is one of the largest professional development and job recruitment events in the nation. This successful affair attracts more than 9,000 business-minded attendees who are fascinated to know about topics including career, education, entrepreneurship, lifestyle and leadership. Each year, nearly 300 corporations, government entities, non-profits, and small businesses choose to seek top talent and interview candidates for open positions during our exposition.

Fisher Business Students with Disabilities Association (FBSWDA)Career Opportunities for Students with Disabilities Conference (COSD)


Students from the Fisher Business Students with Disabilities Association attend the Career Opportunities for Students with Disabilities (COSD). COSD conference helps college students and recent graduate students with a disability, in gaining the tools and knowledge necessary to secure the career of their choice. COSD is committed to assist students in becoming a competitive career candidate and successful employee. COSD is committed to assisting Employers and Higher Education professionals in their outreach efforts with college students and recent graduates with disabilities.

student testimonies

"At the Career Opportunity for Students with Disabilities conference, I attended multiple workshops and listened to keynote speakers. At the opening ceremony I was able to meet with the guest of the summit and some of the employers. We did several icebreaker activities amongst each other. I learned a lot about resume building. I also had the opportunity to discover some methods of disclosure when seeking employment in the business world because that is sometimes tough in corporate America for the disabled population. I will definitely be taking and passing that best practice on to my new organization here at Ohio State. We had an excellent keynote speaker who spoke on her experiences as a bipolar individual and what her life was like with this disability. I had the opportunity to network with Alan Muir, director of FULL ACCESS, and previous director of ODS at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. My two breakout employment sessions were with Ernst & Young and Wal-Mart in which I learned a lot about diversity engagement and inclusiveness of all minorities." Christian Bonner


Fisher Graduate Women in Business (FGWIB)National Association of Women MBAs Conference (NAWMBA)


Students from the Fisher Graduate Women in Business (FGWIB) attend The National Association of Women MBAs conference (NAWMBA). NAWMBA is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to empowering female business professionals to propel more women into leadership positions in corporate America and to enhance the diversity of the nation's workforce. Our focus is on the development of early to mid-career stage professionals. NAWMBA serve three related client groups: female MBA students, female business professionals, and employers.

student testimonies

"I found the MBA Women International Conference to be most beneficial. I went into it with an open mind, as a way to simply broaden my experiences during my time in business school. Believe it or not, I actually came out of it with an internship offer! That aside, the smaller size of this conference allows for a more intimate environment overall, but especially with regard to the speaker events and the career fair element. I was able to engage in valuable conversations with recruiters, fellow professionals and company representatives without feeling rushed or under pressure. I had meaningful conversations that allowed me to learn a lot about each company of interest." Sarah Williams

"The MBA Women International Conference was a great opportunity for networking with a wide array of professionals. The smaller size of the conference meant there were shorter lines for the career fair, as well as opportunities for more in-depth conversations. The smaller size also allowed for smaller sessions and panel discussions, and an opportunity for those of us in the audience to actively participate in the conversation and interact with members of the panel. The opportunities for networking were plentiful – the attendees of the conference ranged from entrepreneurs and CEOs to CMOs to fellow MBA students, and everything in between..." Burouj Ajlouni


Fisher Graduate Latino Association (FGLA)
Prospanica The Association of Hispanic Professionals formerly known as NSHMBA

FLGA Photo

Students from the Fisher Graduate Latino Association (FGLA) attend the National Society of Hispanic MBAs (NSHMBA) conference now known as Prospanica. Prospanica Conference & Career Expo is a 3-day event for Hispanics to connect with hundreds of professionals while gaining valuable experience through professional development, career management and networking opportunities with Fortune 500 companies.

student testimonies

"Thanks to the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, I was able to attend the NSHMBA 2015 Conference in Chicago, as part of the Fisher Graduate Latino Association (FGLA). This is truly a unique opportunity that all the FGLA organization members enjoy, and is very beneficial for our future and career path. In 2014, I was also able to attend the conference in Philadelphia as a 1st year MBA student. During this conference, I participated in a first round interview with Dell, which later resulted in an internship offer. After my internship, I received an offer for a full time position." Coralia Nunez

"Attending NSHMBA was an incredible opportunity. I had the chance to network with both young professionals and experienced experts in my field of interest, and as an added benefit helped me get a better feel for the culture of the organizations I was targeting. The companies in attendance were easy to talk to and took us very seriously. I walked into it looking for conversations and network connections, quickly secured interviews, and it looks like I will receive a formal internship offer soon. I would recommend the conference to anyone who is looking to connect with the companies serious about recruiting young dynamic professionals. It is a wonderful occasion to grow in visibility, put into practice the interviewing/networking skills and show off what Fisher has to offer. Thank you Fisher for your support!" Alejandra Iberico-Lozada


Fisher Indian Student Association (FISA)National Black MBA Association Conference (NBMBAA)

FISA Diwali

To reposition FISA to a spirited active organization that caters to the professional and social needs of Indian Students across all graduate programs in Fisher (MBA, WPMBA, MACC, MHRM, MBLE, and SMF) while spreading the Indian culture to the Fisher Community at large in a structured and planned manner by implementing a sustainable strategy for the future.

student testimonies

“This was my first Career Fair experience outside of Fisher College of Business and the event turnout was more than what I had hoped for. In addition to the hundreds of organizations that had lined up to hire MBAs, it was also a great opportunity to meet fellow MBAs from B-Schools all across the nation. Companies from different industries and all across the country had their booths set up in one location, giving students the exposure and opportunity to find the perfect fit for their career advancement. Overall, it was a great platform for diversity recruitment and I enjoyed meeting recruiters to discuss career opportunities!" Gopika Ravi

“I definitely consider NBMBAA to be an enriching experience as I received a chance to network with many companies. Not only from just job perspective, it’s a must attend event to polish your pitch and communication styles. Considering the plethora of companies available at the event, you have the option to increase your chances for job opportunity. I would suggest other MBA candidates to attend such career expo and I appreciate the financial support provided by The Office of Diversity and Inclusion which made this trip viable for me." Deepak Ahuja


Fisher Veteran's Association (FVA)
Veteran MBA Conference

Veterans Conference

Students from the Fisher Veterans Association (FVA) attended the Veteran MBA Conference. This conference's career fair is one of the most exclusive in the country, hosting over 30 companies. The conference invites only 300 veteran students from the top 40 programs. Some of the notable attendees have been Google, P&G, GE, Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, Coca Cola, Intel, Microsoft, Amgen, Nike, and many others.

student testimonies

"...This conference only invites the top 40 MBA schools which attracts top companies such as JP Morgan, Citi, Morgan Stanley, and Google. At the conference I was able to network with veterans in these organizations who were genuinely interested in helping me find out more about the companies. Additionally, the small size of the conference (300 students/250 company representatives) meant that you could have meaningful conversations. At lunch on while listening the CEO of P&G I was able to speak with members of multiple companies and ended up interviewing based on this discussion. I networked with JP Morgan, Target, Chevron, an M&T Bank and all contacted me after the conference for follow up interviews. This was the single best career related event that I have been able to attend and I am indebted to the Office of Diversity and Inclusion for assisting in making it possible. The support of the office allowed the Fisher Veteran Association to take 63% of our members to the event." Matt Palmisciano

"The MBA Veterans conference proved to be one of the highlights of my full time job search. Thirty of the nation's top companies spend a full day talking with a group of only 300 candidates. With a candidate/recruiter ratio of around 3:1, each candidate was given ample time to conduct in-depth and serious conversations with corporate representatives. With thousands of recently returning veterans entering the work force, corporations have stepped up recruiting efforts aimed at employing and empowering this demographic. The value that top firms place on MBA Veteran talent was evident, especially those attending top programs like Fisher. The Fisher Veterans Association attended this year's conference with 15 students, the third largest contingent out of 50 invited programs. Our members received multiple on-site interviews, second round invitations and even full time offers on the spot. It was an enormously beneficial experience." Alex Dorko


Hispanic Business Student Association (HBSA)
Association of Latino Professionals for America (ALPFA) Collegiate Chapter
Prospanica The Association of Hispanic Professionals formerly known as NSHMBA


Students from the Hispanic Business Student Association (HBSA) is a collegiate chapter fo the Association of Latino Professionals of America (ALPFA) and attends the National Society of Hispanic MBAs (NSHMBA) conference now known as Prospanica. Prospanica Conference & Career Expo is a 3-day event for Hispanics to connect with hundreds of professionals while gaining valuable experience through professional development, career management and networking opportunities with Fortune 500 companies.

student testimonies

"My name is Luis Garcia-Fuentes. I am now President of the Hispanic Business Student Association and successful business student at Fisher College of Business. Despite my work ethic, I would not be able to be where I am hadn’t it been for the Office of Diversity and inclusion and the Hispanic Business Student Association, a diversity base organization under their umbrella. They have helped me in many ways, including mentorship through interactions with upperclassmen members and by inviting me to special networking events. Particular factor to my success was the sponsorship that I and other students in my organization received to attend ALPFA 2015 Convention, a diversity oriented national organization, in New York City. There I was able to learn about leadership and diversity in the workplace as well as to network with executives from companies I have always dreamed on working for. Because of that opportunity I was able to interview with PwC, Goldman Sachs and KPMG for positions in Manhattan. This summer, I will be coming back to NY to work for PwC. It would be naïve for me to ignore the impact that this office has had in my professional career, let alone life. For that reason, I want to say gracias." Luis Garcia-Fuentes

"Certainly the 2015 ALPFA convention has been one of the best events that I've had the privilege of attending. The energy and inspiration is contagious and truly unique. On a personal note, this year's convention has opened many important doors that are pivotal going into my last semester. I had the opportunity to interview for three top-notch companies which leaded me to receive two full-time offers. This is amazing and I am incredibly grateful to have these kind of opportunities." Gonzalo Adriazola



National Association of Black Accountants (NABA)National Association of Black Accountants Conference (NABA)

NABA Photo

Students from the National Association of Black Accountants (NABA) attend the National Association of Black Accountants Regional Student Conference. NABA’s Regional Student Conferences are its largest and most diverse annual student programs. They have allowed the Association to bring together hundreds of professional and student members, academia’s, and corporate representatives over the years. The goals and objectives of the Regional Student Conference generally complement those of its corporate supporters. The focus of the conferences are career development and job placement. Student have the opportunities to to interview for internships and permanent positions, in addition to attending interactive sessions.

student testimonies

"...One of the greatest benefits from the NABA membership is networking and mentorship. During the NABA Regional Conference we were able to meet over 15 NABA chapters both undergrad and professional level represented all over the region. I also had the opportunity to receive a $1,000 scholarship by attending the conference. NABA has consistently been a resource for me to achieve my goals by collectively receiving over $3,000 in scholarships since my freshman year. I had four interviews during the conference that resulted in internship offers, as well as sat in on professional development workshops. I love attending the NABA Central Region Conference and can't wait for next year!" Mariah Scott

"The National Association of Black Accountants Regional Conference was definitely an amazing experience. The conference had a variety of workshops that focused on professional and personal development. I have attended several conferences in the past and I was nervous that the workshops would be similar to the other conferences. However, they did an excellent job of presenting the information to make the workshops a beneficial experience for all years. Along with the workshops, the conference had a career fair. With the conference being later on in the recruitment season, I was worried about a lack of opportunities available. On the contrary, I began talking to recruiters and received an interview for the following day. I recommend all years and majors to attend this conference because it is not like any conference due to the unique experiences and the vast amount of opportunities." Melissa Trejo


Undergraduate Women in Business Association (UGWB)Harvard Undergraduate Women in Business Intercollegiate Business Convention


Students from the Undergraduate Business Women’s Association (UGWB) attend the Harvard Undergraduate Women in Business Intercollegiate Business Convention (IBC). IBC provides a unique opportunity for dynamic female leaders from around the world to explore careers opportunities, expand their network of peers and mentors, and learn from the experiences of top female business leaders. IBC attracts over 1,000 registrants from over 100 campuses.

Student testimonies

"The Intercollegiate Business Conference was such an amazing experience and I am very thankful to the Office of Diversity and Inclusion for giving us the opportunity to attend. Hearing about the lives of so many influential women and the struggles that they went through before achieving success really solidified the idea that you need to work for success—it’s all about hard work, perseverance, and holding on to your values. The stories of the keynote and breakout speakers also motivated me to work even harder towards my goals and to always remain positive. Overall, I can definitely say that attending the Intercollegiate Business Conference has created a closer bond between the girls on the executive board, and it has also given me confidence and the knowledge that I can achieve anything I set my mind to." Amy Tu

“This past January, the Undergraduate Business Women’s Association had the opportunity and privilege to host and attend one of the best conferences about empowering women. The first speech we heard was from Stefanie Miller, the VP of Strategic Marketing, about her journey to her position and how she manages her three children on top of her job. The Dean of Iowa told us about being present in every moment and the importance of being confident throughout your career. I hope to take both lessons of these important and dominant leaders to have the determination to be present in the moment with both my work and my family and strive to always remain confident...I found this conference to be super valuable not only for increasing the value of the organization, but also for my own personal learning and growth. My key takeaways were about what it means to be a woman in the workplace and how other women play a very important role in my journey as well.” Elyssa Helker